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  • Washing Machine de-scaling Services
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Washing Machine & Dishwasher De-Scaling

Washing machines and dishwashers are used within the home several times a week and a lot more often within industrial kitchens and laundry rooms. With so much water passing through these appliances limescale can build up inside the machines and affect their performance, especially in hard water areas. Oven Blitzer´s de-scaling service is tested and approved for use in both washing machines and dishwashers. By using our washing machine and dishwasher de-scaling service you can help ensure your appliances are limescale free and in good working order.

Our washing machine de-scaling service usually takes around 30 minutes and includes de-scaling the drum, pipes, soap draw and every other part of your washing machine that water passes through. Prices start from only £30.

De-scaling dishwasher takes around 30 minuets using a strong descaler and a stainless tarnish remover. Prices start from only £30.

Both services leave your appliance sparkly clean and limescale free.

Regular use of our de-scaling service can increase the lifespan and performance of your appliance.

• Fully removes limescale
• Helps kill bacteria
• Improves appliance performance
• Helps increase appliance lifespan
• Gets rid of unpleasant smells
• Friendly local service
• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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